One woman.... One hundred characters.... One million species....One Planet

AS THE GLOBE WARMS is a 12-act episodic play the length of a novel – now an audio serial - conceived, written and performed by Heather Woodbury, directed by Michael Yawney.


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The Fight over one small frog in one small town collides with the world wide web and the web of life itself.

Endangered amphibians, whirling dervishes, desperate scientists, and Evangelicals gone wild--all the inhabitants of Vane Springs, Nevada tell their tale in this eco-comic epic.

As the Globe Warms explores surviving in America today on a planet veering toward social and ecological crisis. When a handsome herpetologist (that's a frog scientist) meets a preacher’s daughter speaking in the tongues of dying animals, their unlikely friendship has far-reaching consequences for our world.  At the center of the story is a working class family - itself on the brink of extinction. And flinging about in the mix are Tea Partiers, closeted gay Christians, and eyewitness reports from polar bears, whales, bees, bats and frogs. Read full synopsis. (Spoiler alert)

Art has the power to change.  Facts alone do not.

I ask you to join me in making a new kind of folk-tale and embark on an eco-comic-epic that fuels empathy between rural and urban, atheists and Christians, wired up humanity and the world wide web of life itself. Help me to spin a vivid, dramatic yarn, episode by episode around the global campfire.


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I’ll invite you to record your voice and join with others in our “Nature Emulation Station” You’ll emit your unique sound that evokes natural forces... what earth sounds like, plants growing, sun rising. We’ll layer your sonic contributions for the conclusion of the audio play – a sound poem giving voice to a oneness that is beyond us. Find out more.


How it all came about…

“My Mom was terminally ill.  While visiting her Oakland apartment, I lay on the air mattress in her study, and read a book called The Weather Makers. It made me gasp - I felt overwhelmed by the sorrow of tens of thousands of species going extinct because of a drier, hotter planet.  Touched by a little frog that used to bear its baby froglets from its mouth, I stared in amazement at the tiny amphibian emerging on its Mama-Frog’s tongue.  It is no more.  A few months later, I lost my mother. Viscerally, I felt the meaning of a life, and understood in a way I never before could, that there are only a few essentials that count in a lifetime.  Loving and relating are up at the top; the rest is an undone to-do list.

"Soon after, I found myself traveling the barren stretch between LA and Vegas, dotted here and there with old mining towns, and the fictional town of Vane Springs began to emerge like a mirage from the dust and heat of Nevada. I decided to create another novel-sized serial performance.

"Out it came, week-by-week; From 2010 to 2011, I performed 33 live installments in Los Angeles, funded by a subscriber-based web-cast of the process.

"The distilled six-night serial performance was wrestled into shape by director Michael Yawney, previewed at REDCAT’s NOW Festival in LA and premiered in Austin at Vortex Rep in 2012.

“A masterpiece!” (Austin Chronicle)

"This run coincided with Hurricane Sandy. Part of me wanted to say forget art and rush to help. But another part of me wanted to keep performing this story and not stop. Because I believe art has the power to change.”

– Heather


Excerpts from As The Globe Warms are published in the new anthology Animal Acts edited by Una Chaudhuri and Holly Hughes University of Michigan Press.

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